The past months have been quite challenging for all of us. However, for BIPoC, indviduals, these challenges have taken on an additional layer.

Not only has the global pandemic known as Covid-19 taken a toll on our communities, but the ongoing pandemic of racism as well. Not only in the USA, but in other parts of the globe too. Those who identify as individuals of African descent particularly know the constant stress and strain of dealing with racism in all its various forms. However, the horrific visuals of members sof our communities being openly murdered and or tortured in public, has taken many of us over the top. It has just been far too much to stand.

And while I have no idea how this will all end or what our world will look like by the end of 2020, I have decided to listen to the words of the great Dr. Maya Angelou.

One of her great quotes speaks to the fact that we all have times in life where we experience more darkness than light. And the best way to bring some light into the cloudy skies above our heads – “is to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”.

I have committed to being just that!

Will you?