Time for Renewal and Growth

During the past months, I decided to take a well deserved and needed break from writing blog posts. As many of you all know and have experienced, we now find ourselves in a time of great transformation and growth. Many of us feel unsure and frightened, and have no idea where this will all lead to or what the future will hold.

Allow me to gently remind you that there is a gift in not always knowing what the future will hold. And as scary as this may be, please know that you are capable of co-creating your future. Chaos and disorder are often necessary for something new and wonderful to emerge.

It does not matter which belief system you may or not follow. The days before and after Easter are powerful. And can be used best to say good-bye to the old that no longer serves us. Thus making space for the new to emerge. My Beloved Spiritual Master taught me that the time of the Resurrection can happen for us each and every day. I am looking forward to seeing what each day will bring. I promise to keep you posted!