Moon Magic!

Happy super full moon in Virgo everyone! I am sure that all of you have been feeling the intense energies of 2020 thus far. According to astrologers this super moon is the first super moon of several that will occur this year. A super moon means that the moon is closer to our planet and thus intensifies all of what we are feeling and or may be experiencing.

So much has been happening with us internally and externally. And it is hard to imagine that none of us have not sensed the various changes and forms of transformation that are happening on the planet at this time. These times demonstrate that the practice of care of the “Self” and all forms of meditation and mindfullness are more important than every before. We may not be able to control the events of the outer world, but we surely can control the inner.

We womyn are moon creatures, and must honour ourselves by taking time to listen to our mind, body and spirit during the phases of the moon. We can do this by creating simple rituals to honour this phase of our life cycle. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath and a warm cup of tea by candlelight. Listen to beautiful music that you love and write in your journal or speak aloud your prayers and heart’s desires to the moon.

Be creative in how you honour yourself during the full moon each month and take note of how you feel. And if you can manage to be still and listen – she will speak.

Sending you all love and moonlight!