Surrender to The Flow

As this year is slowly coming to an end, many of us are taking inventory of these past weeks and months and are asking ourselves, what did we manage to accomplish? And what still remains on our “to do” list for 2019? The build up to the holidays and the end of the year makes many of us so frantic and frazzled that we often do not know whether we are coming or going. Let alone taking the time to breathe.

During these times, it is really necessary to make an effort to remember to take a breath and “surrender to the flow”. Surrender does not mean in this context giving up or just giving in. Instead, it means creating a space within ourselves where wonderful things can manifest- if we just allow it.

The ability to inhale and exhale is a great gift that our magnificient bodies give to us constantly. But, often we are so busy and stressed that we become unaware that our breathing impacts all that we think, say and do. And living in a city like Berlin with all of its challenges, certainly does not help. Nevertheless, I believe that every challenge brings its’ own solution. And taking a moment to breathe is one of them.

During every Circle of Oyá session we always begin with breath work. Why? Because it clears our minds and allows us to find our center so that we can begin our self-care work and rituals in a balanced and grounded state, as well as from a place of joy.

By taking the time to follow and be guided by the natural rhythmic and relaxed flow of our breath, it becomes possible to experience a feeling of peace and calm that will allow us to “surrender to the flow” of all that which wishes to come our way and offer us support.

So, as the frenzy of the last weeks and days of 2019 descend upon all of us; let us remember to breathe and make “surrender to the flow” our personal mantra and see where it takes us.

Wishing you all a fabulous week!

Photo credit: C. Berghäuser