“Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful of your life”

“Gib jedem Tag die Chance der Schönste deines Lebens zu sein”

As I grow older, I have come to realise more and more that we really are not here that long. And while we are oh so busy with the mundane things of life, it is nevertheless very important to take some time out and create spaces for ourselves where we can tune out from the outer noise and tune into that space of quiet, peace and joy that resides in us all.

So, step back from all that you have to do today and just breathe ! Being aware of something as simple, but so vital as the breath can be a first step in making the most of every day.

So make this day the most beautiful one and breathe!

Have a wonderful weekend!

I would like to express my deepest thanks to the artist Menina Ekinerom for granting me permission to use her beautiful artwork on my blog.

Thanks Menina! I adore you!!!

For more info on Menina: Instagram: menina_ekinerom

Gratitude & Love!

I have just returned from the amazing IN*VISION Festival 2019 utopien. intersektional. erkämpfen ( 28 August- 1 September) and have to express my deepest gratitude to the incredible team of organisers and participants that made the festival & festival grounds into a magical place. Since most of us living here in Germany do not have easy access to spaces where we feel safe, respected and loved; it is all the more important that we create them for ourselves.

Spending time with the Sistahs from The Circle of Oyá and getting to know those who particpated in the Alchemy of Resistance workshop showed me more than ever that it is truly possible to create and maintain spaces of loving kindness for ourselves.

My heart is filled with gratitude and love for all of those who came to the circle & the workshop. You have all blessed me more than you can ever know!

Harvesting the fruits of summer

I, like many of you needed to pause, rest and gather our energies for the coming fall. Now I am back and excited to share with you some exciting news regarding the upcoming Alchemy of Resistance “Kitchen Table Talk” which will take place on 14 September 2019 from 16:00h-18:00h at SUSI Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum in Berlin. It has been my heart’s desire for a long time to organise an event with womyn of colour who are practitioners and teach empowering wholistic self-care practices to other womyn of colour here in Berlin. And now the time is right!

If this topic speaks to your heart & soul, please join us! For more details, please see the Facebook page of SUSI or visit my blog.

Hope to see you all on 14 September!

Peace & Joy

Meditiation in the Jungle
Artwork by wildsugaart